Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Differences Between a Sanctuary and a Shelter

Why is Google still showing dozens of "dog shelter" and even "rat rescue" sites ahead of this site when I search for "Cat Sanctuary Weebly"? The difference between an animal sanctuary and an animal shelter is as big as the difference between a cat and a dog, and should probably be enforced by law.

Shelters are temporary holding sites or prisons for animals. The emphasis is on confining the animals, not on helping them recover from injuries. Often shelters kill animals that aren't adopted...and often shelters adopt rigid, unrealistic "adoption policies" designed not so much to protect animals for a handful of perverted animal abusers, but to ensure that only those who conform to an extinction-oriented view of domestic animals will be allowed to adopt these shelter animals. There are still some shelters run by sensible people who want animals to find happy homes, but the Humane Society continues to crank out propaganda aimed at "rescuing" dogs, cats, horses, cows, sheep, goats, and chickens from the "pain" of existing.

Sanctuaries are permanent homes where animals can live reasonably natural lives with minimal interference. Sanctuaries make no particular effort to eliminate valuable animal DNA, such as the hardiness and intelligence that allow feral cats to survive, from the gene pool. I do have a cage, but use it only temporarily. Cat Sanctuary cats basically live outdoors, although they have free access to outbuildings and a freezeproof cellar. Some of them are sterilized and some of them are not. And although people who adopt Cat Sanctuary cats do have to be people I know personally, their names are never typed into a computer that links to the Internet where thieves and personal enemies can find them, and I never ask about their income or demand complete identity information.

My belief is that we need a lot more animal sanctuaries...and we need laws banning the current policies of many animal shelters.

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