Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Washington Monument Ploy in Florida?

Here's what Sheryl Young, a special e-friend and highly recommended, reports from Florida:


Worse may be on the way. During the past two weeks I've been reading Glenn Beck's Broke, obviously a title to which I can relate at the moment. I'll not comment on the book until I've read the whole thing--which will take a while--but it does explain "the Washington Monument Ploy." Basically, governments aren't going to trim the fat if there's any hope of pulling off a maneuver like cutting Social Security payments, or laying off schoolteachers, or--in a city where few retirees stay and rich people avoid the public schools--closing the city's most popular tourist attraction. People scream "No, don't do that," and nobody bothers to check for areas of fat that could be trimmed.