Friday, May 13, 2011

Why Support the Cat Sanctuary?

[Edit on 11/23/11: This post was part of a Weebly site in which I considered registering the Cat Sanctuary as a nonprofit animal welfare organization. I've since decided that the nonprofit fundraising route is not the way I want to go; the Online Bookstore idea just feels more ethical. However, if you enjoy reading a blog, especially if you don't see scads of ads cluttering up the computer screen as you read, it is appropriate to much as you'd pay to read a magazine.]

1. Because you want to preserve domestic animals--as individuals, and, in the case of healthy and intelligent individuals, as valuable genetic material.

2. Because you support organic gardening and farming, for the sake of wild as well as domestic animals.

3. Because you like what you've read so far and would like to read more about these animals and their humans.

4. Because you'd like to receive a Treat. [Edit: The "Treats" offered at the Weebly were basically the same things you can buy from the same people here.]

5. Because you'd like to form a network (with or without identifying yourself on the Internet) with other rural animal, wildlife, and/or ecology-oriented people and share information about your natural animals and/or garden and/or forest. (You do not have to be in the Blue Ridge Mountains to be part of this effort. You don't even have to be in the United States.)

6. Because you may not support a church, but you'd like to support a faith-based animal rescue effort. (Click on "Your Opinion Counts!" to indicate how much you want to read about my faith on this site.) [Edit: That Weebly page is not available here.]

7. Because, if we go 501(c)(3), your contribution will become tax-deductible. [Edit: Won't happen.]

8. Because, although I prefer and intend to continue doing normal jobs like typing, tutoring, home health care, and pet-sitting rather than try to get on some sort of welfare program, you hate to think of a native American citizen going hungry.

9. Because, if this web site raises enough funds, it will help other people rescue animals too.

10. Because you want to read about my other interests, as well as animals.