Monday, July 25, 2011

Dream Ticket

According to, I'm one of only eight people who thought that Ron Paul and Condoleezza Rice would be a viable Republican ticket. (Sorry, you're limited to picking a "dream ticket" of people who might conceivably run as Republicans.)

I'm not aware that Rice is willing to run in Election 2012, but this combination of age and experience works for me...even though it's similar to McCain/Palin, which obviously didn't work in 2008...but I think in 2008 the real issue was "end the war" rather than "young president, old vice-president."
What about Michele Bachmann? Seriously, she's in the campaign, and she's one of the other Republicans in Congress who've stood by any of their campaign rhetoric. I like her. I'm just not sure the mainstream Republican party would support her and Paul on the same ticket...although as an independent/crossover voter I would vote for them on the same ticket.