Thursday, July 14, 2011

We Don't Burn Widows, But...

Instead, "we" (the English-speaking countries) try to arrange for widows to die quietly after a few years of being told that their skills and talents are no longer marketable, that if they're not over age 85 and visibly disabled other women don't trust them, that if they're not rich other men don't want to marry them, etc., etc., etc., every time they leave the house or pick up the telephone. "We" do not treat young widows, in any noticeable way, differently than we treat women who were divorced for good and sufficient reasons. "We" say we want to prevent suicide, but what do we do to make it possible for widows to want to go on breathing?

For example: we (the humans at the Cat Sanctuary) are widows, which means that I (Priscilla King) am also fatherless. So how many books have you bought from the Online Bookstore lately?