Monday, July 25, 2011

Why I Don't Weigh Myself Every Day

It's so easy to become obsessive about one pound up or down, when the fact is that you can get readouts that differ by 5 or 10 pounds just by changing the position of a bathroom scale on the floor.

In fact, a friend who got the same bathroom scale reading every day for about a year turned out to have a scale that was badly stuck. I weighed myself at his house. Did I really weigh as much as he did? Possible, but not likely. Did I weigh the same whether or not I was carrying a 25-pound tote bag? I checked, and according to that scale I did. Was it possible that his weight had fluctuated during the past year, too? Almost certainly it had! Although his body shape hadn't changed, adult human bodies gain and lose a few pounds of fluid and digested food during the course of the day.
If your clothes feel too tight or your body shape changes, you have a problem. If your weight on a scale that balances your body against a solid weight changes, you have a problem. If your bathroom scale reading changes, the easiest way to lose five pounds of useless weight, fast, is to discard the bathroom scale.