Thursday, October 13, 2011

Alternatives to Some Pills You Might Not Want to Buy

First, read this explanation of why you shouldn't buy the pills:

So what can parents give a child for a cold? Vitamin C may help and won't hurt if it's given in the form of fruit or juice. Chicken soup, or even better a good clear sugar-free, dairy-free homemade vegetable soup with celery and onion, feels soothing and may help.

Statins? The A.M.A. seems slow in reaching a conclusion. Some studies suggested that they increase the risk of a non-diabetic patient becoming diabetic. This hasn't been formally accorded the status of a fact yet, but a borderline diabetic friend of ours who used statins, became clinically diabetic, felt terrible, and is now being tested the cardiovascular symptoms that have become worse, thinks it's closer to being a fact than the theory of macroevolution is likely ever to come. Good old diet, exercise, and meditation are cheaper and safer and have fewer side effects than stations.

I'm not familiar with the name-brand medications discussed in the article, but for sinus relief I'd recommend just inhaling steam and mopping until relief is felt. (Some people who have more fortitude than I have try washing the germs out of the sinuses by snuffing saltwater. It seems to work for those who do it.)

For weight loss, especially that ugly belly fat...there may never be a substitute for diet and exercise, but a harmless, pleasant, and cheap way to supplement a diet and exercise regimen is laughing out loud from the diaphragm for half an hour a day, or more. This has been shown to provide natural pain relief, lower cortisol levels, and shake up the cellulite, at one delightful swoop.