Friday, October 21, 2011

Birthday Party Tips

You can really tell that these tips come from a non-wealthy American...

Amen. Second the motion.

Okay, the idea can use a little additional tweaking...I think Yvonne Leehelen Dowell was trying to keep it short for maximum impact. Celebrity parties, in Washington and elsewhere, do tend to require some security. I have no problem with that. Guards (other than those of U.S. Presidents) tend to be students and laid-off laborers who need money too.

While homeless Washington, are often adequately employed but underpaid relative to the local housing market; but, elsewhere, a lot of them have disabilities that either make them uncomfortable at parties, or put them too far out of touch to realize how uncomfortable they make everyone else at a party. The homeless people who could really use the networking opportunity are likely not to let even co-workers know that they're homeless.

And, requiring people to smell good? Most of us instinctively want to smell good. Some of us have a genetic quirk that makes it easy for people to tell what we've been eating, but food smells good, or if some people don't agree that food smells good this gene is nature's little way of telling them they're standing too close to other people anyway. But if homelessness, or shower-lessness, is affecting some guests' ability to smell the way they prefer to smell, why not offer them a place to take a shower before the party?

So this is an example of a good idea that needs careful planning if anybody wants to put it into practice.

But yes...if you want to throw a huge, expensive bash...these are some good ideas to think about. Definitely recommended in case anybody wants to throw a party for me.