Monday, October 10, 2011

Bookstore Welcomes Russian Readers

The Blogspot system tracks not only how many people are reading each post here, but where they are while they're reading. I wish the system tracked individual U.S. states, but it identifies only nations. To my surprise, more than one-third of all readers of this web site are in Russia. The one or two readers in each of several other countries might have stumbled across this site by mistake, but...what is the attraction for readers in Russia? Does "saloli ani godagewi" mean something in Russian?

(For those who are wondering, it's a transliteration of a Cherokee individual name and clan name. Cherokee clan names were not and are not used like English family names; hence, as a screen name, this combination seemed unlikely to duplicate anybody's legal name.)

Readers in all countries are welcome to post comments here in English, French, or Spanish. I'm not sure about the legal details of international payments, although I'd like eventually to be able to buy international content. This site will cross that bridge when we come to it. Russians are as welcome here as anyone else here.

U.S. readers, please be aware that we have a large majority of foreign readers for whom English is a second language. When posting/commenting, be careful about using vivid slang phrases that may confuse this audience--I don't know whether English teachers in Russia are familiar with slang like the 1990s' "dead presidents" as used to mean "paper money, which is engraved with pictures of long-dead presidents," but we can all see how that sort of phrases could create misunderstandings.