Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Hank Williams Sings to Protest Censorship

What unlikely combinations censorship, or opposition to censorship, can create. First I've had to subscribe to Glenn Beck's blog, and now here I am recommending that everybody listen to Hank Williams, of whom I would never have described myself as a fan before.

Williams parted company with ESPN because he compared what he saw as an example of politics making strange bedfellows to "Hitler playing golf with Netanyahu." Some thin-skinned people thought it sounded as if he was comparing President Obama to Hitler.

I think Williams' comparison was far-fetched and should have been changed, for rhetorical merit--Hitler and Netanyahu? Weren't the "pure Aryans" in Germany, and their alliance with Japan, a better example of strange bedfellows?...but I have to support Williams' right to be an example of bad rhetoric if he so chooses.

Anyway, youall can hear Williams oppose censorship here:


It is indeed news to me that the singer whose first big hit celebrated drinking and drugging as his "Family Tradition" now has a "Christian name" to keep, but if he does I'm glad for him.