Thursday, October 13, 2011

How Low Will Big-Spending Bureaucrats Go?

Those of us who've read Broke know about a ploy that's popular with governments facing pressure to cut spending: Shut down the single most popular thing government does, claim that that's the only budget item that can be cut, and wait for the people to cave in. It's been nicknamed "The Washington Monument Ploy" in honor (??) of a proposal to close the most popular tourist attraction in Washington, D.C.

Topeka, Kansas, evidently doesn't have much in the way of tourist attractions. That's the only explanation for their local government's bid to make budget cuts in the area of law enforcement:

Let's support the people of Topeka as they take the difficult steps they need to take: (1) hold their local government responsible for making equal or greater budget cuts that are more responsible, and (2) make sure that no person associated with this detestable variation on the Washington Monument Ploy will ever work for any government office again.