Friday, October 28, 2011

A Post for Grayzel

So far I've posted about Mogwai and Bisquit. What about Grayzel? Well...Grayzel is a quiet cat. She has a quiet, "diluted," well-camouflaged gray and tan coat, with some cream-colored spots below. She's a Listening Cat and can be affectionate when she's alone with me, but seems reluctant to ask for attention. Born outdoors, to a mother who was really feral (never at ease indoors), Grayzel actually likes being an indoor cat when the weather is cold, when she has kittens, or when she's team-hunting with her relatives and a mouse has crept into the walls.

Even if she could read, I don't think Grayzel would really mind being left out of the Cat Sanctuary Blog.

But, for such a quiet cat, she does have a lot of energy...and watching her bring up her kittens was what came to mind when I read this first-person article by Juniper Russo: