Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Romney and Perry Didn't Really Brawl...

When I said we need to be careful about using picturesque phrases that may be misunderstood by foreign readers, this is the kind of article I had in mind:

For those of us whose local newspapers don't find room for this kind of coverage, Newsmax is a great (if overtly Republican-biased) source of news details...but when you read the story you find that of course Governors Perry and Romney did not get drunk and knock each other around in a bar, which is what "brawl" brings to mind. What they did, at the debate, was argue, criticizing each other's arguments directly and even shaking their fingers (on a rather crowded stage) within a few feet of each other.

From the photo it looks as if they may, like Gore and Bush, have been doing this on purpose to remind voters that they're not actually twins. Nice display, but not much help to those of us who've observed twin boys bickering this way.