Thursday, October 27, 2011

Where Should Maxine Waters Go?

Those who seriously believe in the Place of Eternal Torment for the Unsaved know that no created mortal has the authority to tell anyone to go there; therefore, when someone tells someone else to go to Hell, we can assume that they're talking about the town in Michigan. If you don't want to go there, these days you can buy souvenirs online here. If you'd rather just read about it, the Wikipedia story is here.

My point here is that some of us just don't get into that dropping to the ground in a fetal position and wailing, "Oh, oh, oh, what s/he said was sooo hurtful." Some of us have matured to the point where we can deal with snarkiness. When I'm told that Maxine Waters has suggested that I take time and money I don't have to go to a place I don't particularly want to visit, I reply, "So, where do we think Maxine Waters should go?"

Pick one, Gentle Readers:

(a) Afghanistan, where she might score a few publicity points by dancing with our troops.

(b) Flint, Michigan, where she might have an opportunity to hang out with Michael Moore and recover a sense of snarky humor.

(c) Chernobyl, where she might have a chance to see exactly why some people, such as this writer, support the Green movement, the Tea Party movement, and any other movement that's likely to lead us away from there.

(d) Add an alternative suggestion...