Thursday, December 15, 2011

Can You Be Confined in a Military Prison Without Trial?

Even as a U.S. citizen...apparently the intention of our current Congress is not to use the U.S. military to detain every U.S. citizen whom someone else wants to inconvenience, but they've enacted legislation that leaves that possibility open.

As regular readers know, I read this story online in time to start hounding my elected officials about it, but apparently it was too much for two of them and not enough for the other. Senator Webb was one of the sharp-eyed senators who tried to fix the objectionable part of the bill. Congressman Griffith didn't catch the bad part last spring, but when the House reconsidered the bill yesterday he did catch it. Unfortunately, two-thirds of the rest of the House didn't.

Senator Warner's e-mailed reply to my e-mail on this issue, although personally written, seems to have been personally written in response to someone else's e-mail, suggesting that this whole issue hasn't had his full attention, which may explain his voting the wrong way on this bill. Well, as all of us should know by now, "Mark's not John." Hard to picture John Warner letting anything as unconstitutional as this one slip by.

This is another piece of legislation that requires constitutional challenge and repeal. Why do I suspect the crypto-fascists among us are going to keep shoving their unconstitutional proposals into Congress until we all either lie down and die, or replace at least two-thirds of all current elected officials?

Mood: extremely discontented.