Thursday, December 29, 2011

E-Mail Hackers

Yes, even if you've been prudent enough to adopt a screen name that bears no relation to your legal name, list a public computer center as the sole address for your screen name, and just say no to using credit cards online, there are people nasty enough to steal your e-mail address...and use it to try to get money out of your friends and relatives in your name.

Here's an official notice for the benefit of all my friends and relatives: I, the writer known to cyberspace as Priscilla King, have never used e-mails to ask anyone for money, and don't intend to do so. I have linked things I've written only to online businesses and charities that I believe to be legitimately providing some sort of product or service in exchange for money they collect. This web site is a legitimate online business, or is intended to grow into one; if links or buttons haven't worked for you, that's because I'm a writer not a web designer--I intend them to work, and I intend to deliver something in exchange for your money.

The e-mail address that should display at the top of the page ( will never legitimately generate any unsolicited e-mails asking you for money either. It's there for you to use if you want to send a personal comment about something on this site (without posting a comment for everyone else to read), especially if you have trouble using a "buy this book" or "support this site" button or following a link to some other web page. It's also there for you to send us a complaint immediately should you receive any unsolicited requests for money in any of our names. You should only ever receive instructions on how to send money to Priscilla King, Gena Greene, Grandma Bonnie Peters, or anyone else who may advertise on this blog, after sending an e-mail to Saloli about difficulties in purchasing products or supporting this blog while on this page.

It's not impossible that anyone involved with this web site may someday need money urgently; however, if any of us needs to borrow money from anyone we know personally, you will hear our real voices on the phone, if not see our real faces in front of you. And we will NOT ask you to disclose any personal or financial information on the Internet. We positively recommend that you not disclose personal or financial information on the Internet.

If you do receive e-mail from a screen name similar to ours, asking you to send money (even to one of us) when you have not notified us that you're trying to send money, here's an article that explains what you can do about this cybercrime: