Thursday, December 8, 2011

How Not to Wilt a Weed

Last year, I published an article called "Green Ways to Wilt a Weed." It discussed some effects of a popular, heavily advertised herbicide called Roundup. Specifically, I mentioned that at a house where this stuff had been used, my nose ran, the eighty-something homeowners became dozy and forgetful (which wasn't normal for them), and my well socialized cat, Mogwai, became clingy and cried to go home. In order to say that Roundup is only harmful to weeds, is the Monsanto Chemical Corporation claiming that we're all weeds?

The Institute for Responsible Technology has documented some effects Roundup has had on other people, here: (Skip both of these links if you're nervous or squeamish.)

And, for pro-life readers, on human fetuses, here:

This link seems to go to a pictorial version, although the computer I'm using seems to have problems opening the pictures:

Last week's update from IRT contained a claim that many genetically modified foods (GMOs) are modified specifically to be resistant to Roundup, so that large-scale farmers can dump this poison on crop fields. For those who'd prefer to read about this topic in a more positive format, here's their latest advice on which foods are likely to come from GMOs and how to avoid them in restaurants:

Here's the audio version:

And here's the inspiring story about what happens when you share all these links with friends: