Thursday, December 29, 2011

Is Ron Paul Prejudiced?

I think a case could be made that it's my generation, and the younger generation, who are intolerant of our elders and their culture that we label every oldfashioned word or gesture as evidence of bigotry.

The first comment at the bottom of this long article is the best one. The former RP staffer has since struck out on his own and gone into competition with Ron Paul. He's not lying and calling his former mentor a bigot, just criticizing Ron Paul at a time when other competitors are eager to use every grain of "dirt" that can be dug up.

I like Ron Paul's domestic policy. I have some doubts about his foreign policy; and, in view of his willingness to offend huge blocs of voters, I wonder whether he really wants to be President so much as he wants to shift the balance of our political dialogue, reminding us that today's "centrist" position is not in fact the same as yesterday's "leftist" position. I would like to vote for him for President...but that's not entirely up to me, just as setting U.S. foreign policy would not be entirely up to Dr. Paul if he became President.

Whatever the rest of the country decides, I really must object to the claim that Ron Paul's statements express bigotry. Candidates Paul and Bachmann, like Vice-President Biden, have often expressed their age, just as the rest of us will inevitably start to do. There's nothing wrong with any age. There's nothing wrong with having been born and grown up in whatever years you were. We all need to cultivate enough sense of history to recognize the ways previous generations actually express good will or the lack of it. So far I've seen no statement by Ron Paul that expressed any lack of good will.