Thursday, December 29, 2011

Monsanto Chemicals Breed Superbugs On Schedule

Here's the Bloomberg report on how and why Monsanto's genetically modified corn is breeding "super"-resistant rootworms:

Here's the Mother Jones follow-up story. (Beware...although this magazine used to have some claims to oppose commercialism, its web site is infested with commercial pop-ups and nuisance widgets.)

Here's another blog story that also discusses "super-weeds":

Nevertheless, according to Mike Ludwig, the Environmental Protection Agency is actively colluding with Monsanto and other corporations to get more of these "Frankenfood" plants into our food system:

Here's where Jeffrey Smith pulls these stories, and other related stories, together:

I suspect that most people who read this blog don't like Congressman Dennis isn't it too bad that he's the one who's proposed to ban the nasty "Frankenfoods" from open-air cultivation? Conservatives, who by definition don't like unnecessary changes and interference, should have opposed these unwelcome changes and forms of interference with our food supply years ago.