Thursday, December 29, 2011

Payroll Tax Cuts? Debt Increases?

As you know, Gentle Readers, I subscribe to news e-mails from both political parties. In today's e-mail, people at asked what readers think about the proposed payroll tax cut. Who doesn't love a payroll tax cut? Well...considering the rest of the story...

There are two ways the United States can cut taxes: (1) slash spending to ribbons, demolishing many services and benefits to which people have become accustomed; or (2) increase our current debt and make the eventual payback period even more traumatic a few years down the road.

I would love to report that our President and Congress are acting like men--or like women--as distinct from four-year-old children, biting the bullet (or the debt) today, slashing spending in order to bring us this payroll tax cut. (And I'm impartial on this issue, because I'm not on anybody's payroll and have not enjoyed a taxable income this year.) But that's not what's happening.

There are probably budget cuts that could be made, that would reduce our debt rather than increasing it and still allow for a payroll tax cut. They're not being made.

Some of us may soon be voting in the primaries, and I urge you to vote with your heads not your "feelings." Support candidates who are serious about facing up to our debt...even if their domestic policies seem radical or coldhearted to you. If those of us who are U.S. citizens reclaim our right to be charitable in private, personal ways, we can still afford to be a warm'n'friendly nation. If we continue to vote for self-indulgence on every possible level, things are going to get much colder, very fast.