Thursday, December 1, 2011

Tiffiny Ruegner Interviews Herman Cain

Does anyone out there think Herman Cain's career is still viable?

A poll on this page asks whether you'd vote for Cain. Personally, I'm not sure. The sheer number of women charging him with what would be proof of bad character if proved true...remember how some of us wanted to ignore similar allegations against Bill Clinton, the first woman being indeed a bimbo, and then one scandal after another kept tumbling out of the First Redneck's closet?

There's a famous logical problem, which is unfortunately based on pure logic rather than reality, in which you can force a dishonest person to give you a useful answer. If pure logic worked in reality, there'd be a way to phrase what I ask of Herman Cain in such a way that he'd do it. Since pure logic doesn't always work in reality I'll just state my earnest plea to the Pizza Man here:

I would really, really have liked to be able to support Herman Cain. I like both Paul and Bachmann better, but I worry about their electability. I like a candidate who's held a job other than "lawyer," since college--it's a nice change. I also like a candidate who is honest and honorable. I don't think a man who has cheated on his wife can be either honest or honorable.

I'm aware that the charges here are "harassment" rather than rape. I'm aware that "harassment" can be in the ear of the listener. I'm aware that the way a man looks very often makes the difference between whether a remark is perceived as high spirits and good humor, or as "harassment" and/or "intimidation." Specifically, a big man with a distinctly "African" face just seems to intimidate some people more than either a smaller man, or even a man with a triracial look like President Obama's. I've dealt with plenty of the female equivalent of this factor (top-heavy women seem to project sexuality to some people more than other women, ick), and I've seen a good friend get hit with it. If this really is what's happening to Mr. Cain, and he can prove it, I'll support him all the way.

If there is any truth at all in what these women are saying, then I beg Mr. Cain to withdraw from the campaign now, and help elect someone we can respect.