Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Viola the Cybercat

Although reading bills has its moments of pleasure (all of which have been offered for youall to share), it does get dull, and hard on the eyes. To address both problems, the kind Republican friends whose computer I'm sharing are also letting me share the resident cat Viola, who's been doing a great deal to enliven my day. She's a little older than my Blogspot cat picture, a little younger than my LiveJournal cat picture. She has very short, soft black fur, and oversized white paws, with which she's been trying very hard to contribute a post to this blog.

Since her contributions haven't been in English, I've not (knowingly) posted any of them here. However, some readers may want to know what Viola has to say. She says:

Cats like computers. Cats especially like computers on warmish, damp, November-like winter days when the central heater isn't doing much and so the warmth of the computer is appreciated.

Cats can see what's on a computer screen. It's interesting, especially when a picture moves, or the whole screen scrolls up and down or zooms in and out. Cats like a wacky laptop computer with a hypersensitive clicker that tends to zoom without warning. However, some cats would need a bigger keyboard if we were trying to do anything with the computer.

Cats do not recognize online pictures of other cats, especially if they're smaller than life. We are not stupid. We know those things are only images. We don't care what use humans have for images that suggest the superior species to them. The interesting stuff on the computer is the little black specks that move about. I know they're not really flies, but on a day when there aren't any flies, it's fun to pretend that those things on the screen are a kind of flies.

No, I do not want to go out. I want to look out, when anyone opens the door, but I want to stay where it's warm...either curled up against the computer, or curled up on someone's lap. I don't have thick winter fur like a barn cat. This is my very first winter, and I'm ready for springtime! I'd rather chase virtual flies on the computer screen, where it's warm and dry, than go out and chase something real, where it's chilly and damp. I really would!