Thursday, March 15, 2012

Censoring Rush Limbaugh

If you don't like censorship, click here:

Do you have to like the Rush Limbaugh show to oppose the proposed ban on it? No...because if Rush Limbaugh can be banned as being "divisive," then so can shows you probably like better, e.g. Michael Moore's, Ellen DeGeneres'...or even the pop music shows that provoke "divisive" arguments about which songs really are the world's worst popular songs. Remember the volume, heat, and violent language Dave Barry aroused when taking nominations for the official list discussed in Dave Barry's Book of Bad Songs?

Let's see...last week, in support of Rush Limbaugh, I mentioned how much my late father enjoyed the original Limbaugh Show. Did I mention that Dad was an honorably discharged SFC, and that he shared his enjoyment of the Limbaugh Show with at least three other SFCs who, like him, served in the 1940s and 1950s? As well as then-active members of the Army, Navy, and National Guard.