Friday, March 16, 2012

Now Saudi Arabia Has a Mad Mufti?

What, precisely, is the difference between an Ayatollah, a Mullah, and a Mufti? I'm not sure (any Muslim readers out there are welcome to write in), but it sounds as if a Mufti has been the latest victim of religious insanity:

Some commenters on Billy Hallowell's story posted thoughts like "Drill Baby Drill and get us out of this [hateful] country." I'll raise the ante. If even the able-bodied portion of the U.S. population would go car-free, in five years Mr. Mufti Sheikh Al-Sheikh would be begging the Christians in his country to build a church so that his country could be allied with the United States again. Buy a pair of cheap, comfortable summer shoes, Gentle Readers. They should be hitting the racks for $5 in Family Dollars and similar stores everywhere, right now. Promise yourself that you'll wear them out before you will drive your own car for your own purposes again. Stop the U.S. dollars flowing into Saudi Arabia, and watch the mouthy Saudis simmer down. If we'd done it sooner they wouldn't even have listened to Bin Laden when he flipped his lid.