Thursday, March 15, 2012

Tennessee House Opposition to Agenda 21

I think Anne Paine's Tennessean post tries a little too hard to be neutral:

Tennessee residents, please use the "Agenda 21" label below to get a further understanding of why this web site says: Agenda 21 isn't's not about voluntarily sharing resources. It's about a form of global dictatorship more invasive, higher-tech, and more deadly than Marx dared to dream of, only without the idealistic goal of love, peace, and brotherhood in communism. Instead, Agenda 21 promises to preserve the environment for the few it allows to survive, after the masses have been herded into densely populated cities and thinned down to manageable levels through government health care schemes.

If you enjoy being alive, with any amount of private property whatsoever, you will want to oppose Agenda 21 in all its many forms and manifestations.