Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Where Can You Buy a Book You Can Buy From Me?

Local lurkers have been buying Books You Can Buy From Me at the Weber City flea market. Some of you may know that that booth's been closed and cleaned out. If you didn't find a book on the tiny display at Traders Village, where can you physically buy books from a local supplier who will charge only fifty cents or a dollar?

Some of the books I've made available in real life have been sold; that's it, that's all. However, until another store opens, a good place to look for these books is at Mountain Treasures...in the back of the R.A.D.A. building on West Jackson Street, across from Gashi's (formerly Presley's) Citgo. All profits go to benefit local charities, so feel free to browse and buy things that aren't books here too.