Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Delegate Marshall Enters Race for Webb Senate Seat

In this Richmond Times-Dispatch editorial, Virginia's Delegate Bob Marshall declares his willingness to step into Jim Webb's place in the U.S. Senate, from which Webb plans to retire.


Former Governor George Allen has also been campaigning for this Senate position. Which of the two will this web site support? At this point, we like both of them. Allen has a respectable record as governor; Marshall has a respectable record as a state delegate. Personally, I'll vote for whichever one gets onto the ticket against Tim Kaine.

Before dedicating this web site to the support of either candidate, I would like to see him come out in solid opposition to "fracking." (Possible slogan: Virginia can safely and profitably capitalize on our underwater oil reserves, if we don't generate earthquakes that put our homes underwater first. A little too long, but that's the general idea.)

However, getting Tim Kaine out of politics is a worthy goal.