Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Green Nazis?


While some bicker about whether to place Nazis, or Neo-Nazis, on the Left or the Right (National Socialism can be classified, for valid reasons, either way), this web site's official comment is offered primarily for our German readers. (How did we get German readers? Don't ask me, but Google reports that we have them...and as we grow, readers in all parts of the world are certainly welcome.)

Official Comment: Friends, beware. The original Nazi Party was characterized by "Big Lies." Just yesterday I read, reprinted in Graeme Gibson's Bedside Book of Birds, an old news item in which a man was prosecuted for shooting a bird. This was a violation of the Reich Hunting Code because it was "cruel, and [the Nazi Party] oppose[d] cruelty in any form." Oh right...

Greenness, of course, is neither Old Left nor Old Right; or, to be more precise, it occurred on both "wings," although Steve Milloy's blog's purpose seems to be to attack the Green Left, also known as "Watermelons" or Poison Greens, who are still "Red" in the sense of Marxist (or totalitarian) at heart.

Personally, I wonder whether totalitarian politics should be classified as Left or Right, or simply understood as an emotional disorder--an extreme form of extroversion.

Beginning from the premise that introversion is a normal healthy trait, we can best explain extroversion as the unfortunate condition of those who are born without thoughts or interests of their own, with an unhealthy obsession with other people. Specifically, extroverts want to control other people. In a relatively normal extrovert the obsession is limited to demanding attention from other people, which explains why extroverts are always rushing up to other people, demanding displays of "friendliness" from people they don't know well enough to call friends, then displaying the real hostility underneath when they don't get the strokes they crave. In extreme cases the extrovert becomes a "nanny" who wants to control everything others do. Females can find some unsatisfactory relief for this craving in becoming micromanaging smother-mothers--of children, students, or office staff. Males, unfortunately, are likely to feel that they can only find relief for their control needs, whilst seeming to themselves like Real Men, in military or government positions where their compulsions have the potential to do real harm to others...

True Greenness, in any case, has no wish to control others. True Greens are willing to take time out from our own busy and interesting Green lives, to confront others, only when others' pollution is damaging our own immediate environment. True Greens understand the difference between things other people do that are merely ugly (at which we don't have to look) and things other people do that result in measurable damage to when someone else sprays poison on his land that affects our garden crops, or someone else dumps chemicals into the water we have to filter and drink.