Tuesday, April 17, 2012

In Michigan, Livestock Are Invasive Species

Here's what Agenda 21 looks like in practice: First, a Michigan hog farmer was forced to shoot his pigs. Then, as if that hadn't been enough, gun-toting goons invaded his farm again to verify that he hadn't secretly saved any living livestock.


Thanks to Karen Bracken (americadontforget.com, agenda21today.com) for sharing this story.

Where's P.E.T.A.? (Uh...probably supporting this move. The "People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals" have always thought killing animals was ethical, provided that no human gets any benefit from the animals. That's why this web site is so glad their "ethical" concerns are about other species and not humans.)

Where's Michael Moore?

Where's Jeffrey Masson?

Well, right, hogs are about the least charismatic of all large animals. It's hard to look into a pig's little eyes and feel any motivation to keep the animal alive. If (many) humans didn't eat hogs, hogs would happily eat humans. And they wouldn't even be graceful, like cougars, or noble-hearted, like wolves, or furry, like bears, while they were doing it.

Still: if it's hogs today, it'll be cows, horses, sheep, goats, and chickens tomorrow. And it'll be puppies and kittens, too.

Will the Tea Party roll buses to Michigan? Karen Bracken asks. Will they? Does anybody out there want to sacrifice a few April days to a demonstration in Michigan? Remember, the left wing have already told us to go to Hell...does anybody want to see Fife Lake, also, or instead?

The link above contains addresses and phone numbers for the Michigan government officials responsible for stopping these attacks on the citizens. Here are web links for the attorney general...


And the Department of Natural Resources...


I'd tell'em Michigan has already lost thousands, if not millions, of jobs in plant farming and fishing (due to pollution) and manufacturing (due to the backlash against the pollution), and how many silly souvenirs do they expect the rest of the world to buy? What in Hell, or in Flint or in Detroit, do they expect their constituents to eat?