Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Mathew Staver in Defense of the Constitution

The following e-mail from Mathew Staver has been slightly edited for clarity by Priscilla King:


According to a recent article on, Representative Barney Frank, the retiring ultra-liberal Congressman from Massachusetts, now says…

“President Obama made a ‘mistake’ in pushing for his signature health law. ‘I think we paid a terrible price for health care,’ he told Jason Zengerle of New York magazine. ‘I would not have pushed it as hard.’”

Frank is half right about both things... No time was a good time to push for Obama’s signature legislation… and we are still paying a terrible price for the President’s healthcare “reform” law.

I know you are aware there could be very few political issues upon which I would agree with Congressman Barney Frank. In fact, Mr. Frank’s views and actions landed him a spot in Liberty Counsel’s “Adopt a Liberal” prayer campaign and we have been faithfully praying for him for nearly three years now.

When informed of our having included him in our prayer program, Congressman Frank made a derisive public statement about how many of his cards should be traded for a Barack Obama Card or a Hillary Clinton card! We appreciated the humor with which he took his inclusion in our Adopt a Liberal program, but we take his standing with the Lord very seriously indeed.

So when he made his recent statement about ObamaCare, it seemed unusual that I would quickly agree with his opinion, even though we use entirely different reasoning processes to reach such conclusions.

Here is the essence of Barney Frank’s view on the subject:

He believes that the Democratic party paid a terrible price for the passage of ObamaCare – losing the Massachusetts Senate seat to a Republican – and suffering a “shellacking” (Barack Obama’s word) in the 2010 midterm elections.

Frank now feels that after ObamaCare was thrust into law through backroom deals, bribery, manipulation, and a mangling of the legislative process by the most ultra-liberal Congress in the history of our nation – in which he played a key role, by the way – the “prize” has proven to be an enormous political liability.

But Liberty Counsel’s view is that NO immoral political act can produce good fruit. The fact is that AMERICANS continue PAYING a terrible price – and if the law is not struck down or otherwise derailed, we will ultimately pay an insurmountable cost for the passage of ObamaCare.

Even before being fully implemented, ObamaCare is wreaking havoc on every citizen, our judicial system, our economy, our world-class healthcare system, and our First Amendment rights.

It’s a deception-filled, socialist monstrosity that is patently unconstitutional and immoral at its core – while also shamelessly advancing the abortion industry.

And as you know, a myriad of other destructive policies have been set in place by the Obama administration, its extremist, agenda-driven “czars,” and other unelected, unvetted officials.

Further, this administration is routinely and blatantly manipulating federal agencies to sidestep the constitutionally prescribed checks and balances of our federal government.

In fact, many observers have criticized this president for creating a vast, unaccountable “shadow government” – an opportunistic ruling class bent on circumventing the Constitution.

This is the Obama administration’s “War on the Constitution”!

++I need your signature for an important petition delivery in just 48 Hours.

On Friday, Liberty Counsel will be delivering our petition, “Stop the War on the Constitution,” to the leadership of Congress and other targeted officials. Right now, there are over 74,000 names on the petition. Since your signature is not one of them, I could use your help to surpass our goal of 75,000 signatures and well beyond, which will make this petition one of our most impactful efforts to date.

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I believe that the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States of America lay down the master plan for our exceptional form of government and are unique treasures entrusted to the American people.

Never before in history has a government been formed with so many checks and balances to ensure that its citizens would be free from the tyranny, autocracy, and oppression that inevitably arise when elitists demand to rule over those they consider inferior.

The Founders knew first-hand that tyranny arises when “absolute power corrupts absolutely,” depriving citizens of essential liberties.

President Barack Obama apparently believes that he knows better that our nation’s Founders – that the Constitution is outdated and/or irrelevant. His agenda to “fundamentally transform” America proves that belief, as it renders the constitutional principles of individual freedom and conscience protection as unworthy of being given precedence over the needs of the State.

The gift of Liberty is too precious to squander! It is our God-ordained duty to fight for what is right and good and which was obtained and preserved at a great price. Please take a moment to sign this important petition today to help protect the system of government that has made our nation great! Time is running out to be included in this important delivery:

We must not allow ANYONE to subvert the Constitution in order to form a more “socialized” union! Please, click here to sign Liberty Counsel’s “Stop the War on the Constitution” petition:

May God richly bless you – as together we stand and fight in our God-ordained battle for Life, Liberty, and Family!

Mathew Staver, Founder and Chairman
Liberty Counsel

P.S. We will deliver the “Stop the War on the Constitution” petitions on Friday! We cannot allow socialist czars and cohorts in federal agencies to tread upon our liberties. We MUST demand that those who swore to uphold the Constitution be held accountable to do exactly that!

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