Saturday, April 14, 2012

Taking the Former Child Stars Up on Their "Challenge"

Madeleine Morgenstern reports on a "challenge" other former child stars have issued to Kirk Cameron to "name one thing homosexuals have done to hurt him, his community, or civilization as a whole":

Right. They're on. This web site does not endorse hate, but neither does it endorse the stupidity of claiming that the homosexual lobby hasn't done any harm...even to its own members!

1. To hurt me: They've promulgated the outright lie that one out of six people is homosexual, or that the average person probably knows an active but discreet homosexual. Naturally, anyone who's discreet about their personal life has been automatically suspected of things most single adults were never even tempted to fantasize about. This has hurt our feelings terribly, especially when we were young and vulnerable.

2. To hurt my community: Well, if we're talking about a "community of interests," that might include the feminist community. What I've seen was a two-step process: (1) Lesbians demanded that feminists represent their interests and claim them as part of our movement; (2) women, even those of us who didn't mind being seen with the lesbians, found that the feminist movement was no longer representing our interests. The word "post-feminist" was coined. And it was not because the feminist movement had succeeded in all of its goals--for instance, if any of us is getting less street harassment than we were in 1970, it's because we've become older and thus invisible to rape-terrorists. Young women are still feeling a need for abortions, and that says to me, as an adult feminist, that we still have a lot left to do. And it's not getting done, for reasons that Betty Friedan accurately predicted in 1970. She was definitely one of the older generation and was probably prejudiced, but she was right.

3. To hurt civilization as a whole: Well, aside from the fact that women have stopped working toward "sisterhood" because nobody wants to deal with a "sister" who's interested in incest, which I see as a very bad thing for civilization as a whole...look at the way they've distracted attention from the right of elderly or disabled people to name their own caretakers and heirs, which is something everybody needs to affirm, into the divisive, itsy-bitsy-teeny-weeny-minority special-interest question of same-sex marriage.

And, as a bonus: 4. To hurt their own community: The majority of adult lesbians suffer from polycystic ovarian syndrome, a nonfatal disease condition that can open the door to all sorts of disabling and/or fatal conditions. Not only that, but most of the hormone imbalances associated with PCOS are not associated with lesbianism. It would be helpful to know more about the specific hormonal patterns associated with lesbianism, how they correlate with specific patterns of complications later in life, and how they can be treated. However, by insisting that lesbianism be considered as a lifestyle choice, ignoring its solid correlations with life-threatening illness, the homosexual lobby is interfering with women's learning how to manage the medical condition they have. Since a mild hormone imbalance can actually have benefits, while an uncontrolled hormone imbalance can lead to a long, miserable, premature death, I think we need to admit that the homosexual lobby has done and is doing a lot of harm to a lot of women.

So b'there. And any attempt to suppress, censor, ignore, or deny these truths is yet another way the homosexual lobby has harmed civilization as a whole.