Friday, April 20, 2012

Was Zimmerman in the Right, After All?

Billy Hallowell shares a photo--apparently ganked from ABC, which may get him in trouble--of what's alleged to be George Zimmerman's head, allegedly pounded on the ground immediately before he shot Trayvon Martin.

I hate to say this to all those who've been imagining "Trayvon" in the image of their favorite student, son, grandson, younger self...either Zimmerman is an awfully confident liar, or he was in the right and shouldn't be charged with any criminal offense whatsoever.

Shooting or threatening to shoot someone because, as he's walking down a street in your neighborhood, he "seems threatening" to you, is homicide due to insanity.

Shooting or threatening to shoot someone because he's pounding your head against pavement is self-defense, abundantly justified...and the rest of the nation should thank the heroes who protect us from vicious, dangerous attackers.

If Zimmerman is telling the truth, then "poor, dear Trayvon" was a vicious, dangerous attacker, and Zimmerman is a hero.