Saturday, June 23, 2012

Please Help Me Find Local Computer Space

Gentle Local Readers (and by local I mean Gate City, Williams Mill, possibly Yuma, Kingsport, or Duffield, but not Bristol or Big Stone Gap), this web site is in transition. We're looking at a real-world store space, but it won't be available before August, probably not up and running before September. I've been typing my posts from the Yuma computer center, before it closed, and from the Gate City computer center, before they started enforcing time limits on adults to ensure that computers would be available for children to play games and spill sugary junkfood into the computers. Currently there is no physical location from which I can maintain this web site. (Two downtown businesses have sponsored this site; neither is electronically equipped to host it.) If you have a computer connection and would like to promote your business or cause at this site, please contact