Saturday, December 29, 2012

Buy a Fair Trade Book From Me

It's time for New Year's resolutions, and the one I'd like to share with you, Gentle Readers, is the resolution to change one of the labels on this web site.

"A Book You Can Buy From Me" is too long. It's sort of clunky. It refers back to a time long gone, when I hadn't even thought of selling books online, but had noticed that, although Associated Content wasn't buying book reviews outright, a few dozen local lurkers were faithfully reading every review I posted and were buying books I had on display in a real store. Associated Content no longer exists. That store no longer exists; the building was damaged by the tornado about which I wrote the firsthand story for which Associated Content refused to pay me. I kept the label in the hopes that the same local lurkers would find this site, and find the books wherever they were displayed. Although I made no attempt to find out who they were, evidence suggests that they're not searching for this label.

It's time for something easier to type, something with a more "professional" ring...and since we're all about fairness to living writers, I'm relabelling books that I'm selling secondhand for prices that include a 10% payment to the author, if we find her/him still living, as "Fair Trade Books."

There are actually a few hundred books in this category for which I've not been able to post reviews; if we can attach a floppy disk drive to the laptop on which I'm typing this, and if that floppy disk drive doesn't damage my precious floppies, this site will finally become a bookstore big enough for serious browsing.