Friday, December 21, 2012

Danville (California) Planning Update

Since this web site (somewhat by accident) drew attention to a California Tea Party's efforts to interfere with slum construction in Danville, California, here's an update on how that town meeting went: "We have had excellent turn outs to the past two planning meetings. However the staff, planners and council are ignoring the public and are going forward with the 2030 Plan to rezone 9.6 acres with the option to up zone up to 35 acres to high density housing. I’ve spoken with the SOS Danville group and they are moving forward to referend of the plan. They have asked if we would like to join them in this effort."

Ah, yes, the old "Who cares that the community we're supposed to be democratically representing hate this idea, if there's money in it for us" routine. We're seeing that in Scott County, Virginia, too, with the zoning ordinance that nobody wants, which was supposed to bring in a Wal-Mart, which nobody really wants either, which is just as well because it's not bringing one in; all the zoning ordinance is doing is making it harder for some people to improve or even repair the homes where their families may have lived for two hundred years.

People in Danville, California, may want to contact this "Short Sales & Foreclosure Resource":