Friday, December 14, 2012

Holiday Travel Madness

Adding to the long, long list of reasons not to buy airline tickets...

A disabled child was told that her injured legs and wheelchair "tested positive for bomb residue." (Gruesome as this is, it makes sense in terms of Al-Qaeda's history of recruiting people with disabilities as human bombs.)

A disabled veteran was insulted...

Gentle Readers, when you fly on these airlines, you're encouraging policies that allow airline employees to treat the people who pay their salaries like freight. As these stories show, commercial airlines hire people who have no respect for anybody. The only way to cure these employees' mental disorder is a technique that might be described as Unemployment Therapy.

However, overcrowding can make buses and trains nasty too. If you can manage to schedule travel at any time that's not between about the fifteenth of December and the tenth of January, you'll have a nicer trip and probably pay less for tickets.