Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Keep Your Lights Out of My Eyeballs at Night

Dave Hill claims that the fine imposed on him for covering his truck with blinking lights came from "Grinches" who don't appreciate his effort to share Christmas cheer:

I say it comes from others who've noticed that bright lights on an approaching vehicle make it harder to drive or walk at night, and they're letting him off far too easily. If he persists in driving that truck at night, it should be impounded.

Then again, I think the police should also confiscate any vehicle, and lock up any driver, who fails to dim his or her headlights at night. I think any driver who actually brightens the headlights upon encountering a pedestrian should be forced to pay the pedestrian a few thousand dollars in order to get out of jail...and shouldn't get the option before s/he has been alone in a brightly lighted cell for a week, either. And instead of just tolerating tacky little "shrines" on the site of a fatal car crash, we should ban motor traffic for half a mile on either side of the site for a few years, while people rethink whether the problem is a dangerous road or just too many motor vehicles on the road.

We as a society really have to face the fact that cars kill more than ten times as many Americans as firearms do. I'm not saying we don't need to be careful about firearms. I'm saying we need to be at least equally careful about cars. Dave Hill doesn't seem to realize that his version of "Christmas cheer" happens to be a deadly weapon. Why can't he just wear a Santa Claus hat?