Monday, December 17, 2012

Outing Nelson Mandela

Would I have raised funds and sold tickets for Nelson Mandela to address D.C. audiences, in 1991, if he'd admitted he was a registered member of the Communist Party? I would: the Communist Party was pretty well dead, and Mandela had become such a legend in his own time that even if he'd been actively spouting Communist Party propaganda I would have thought he deserved to be seen, heard, and videotaped, as a piece of history.

However...this was something American audiences had a right to know, and it appears that Mandela told us an outright lie. Trevor Loudon, a world-class dirt-disher, dishes the dirt:

He didn't stay in office. His wife, after all those years of loyalty, dumped him. Can any more shame be dumped on this old man's head? Does anybody really want to bother? I don't.

But those who hate the Communist Party enough to care about Mandela's politics may want to read what Loudon and friends have dug up on his current successor, Jacob Zuma: