Thursday, December 27, 2012

Phenology and That Clunky Birkenstock Look

While the computer center was closed for Christmas, it rained, more or less continually; never very hard, but it never really stopped either. Temperatures stayed in the forties (Fahrenheit) all day and night. Great weather for sitting by the fire, eating too much turkey, and talking to disabled relatives. Not very good weather for any other traditional forms of Christmas fun.

Early this morning, the temperature dropped, and the rain changed to snow and then stopped. Snow actually accumulated on the highest points of the mountains around Gate City.

I have, of course, dug out those dreaded knee-high boots. I have looked at them, and said to myself, "Do I haaaff to...?" and told myself, "Not yet, thank goodness."

This morning, with temperatures in the upper thirties and dropping, I put on those open-toed sand shoes and immediately admitted that that counted as Showing Off. Then I remembered that in the city some members of my generation, a bit fashion-challenged perhaps but otherwise quite nice, wear clunky-looking flat sandals, especially Birkenstock brand, with white socks all the time. I would never have considered adopting this look just as a look...but this morning I tried it for practical reasons, and I like it. No stiff, heavy leather, and my toes feel positively cozy.

The cats complained about the weather all through the holidays, but conceded that this morning's change was an improvement.

By daylight, the rain-swollen stream was an interesting mix of gray, tan, and green, not at all like a pearl. The waterfall is still white, and very loud.