Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Healing Benefits of Light and Air (Online)

Question: Why is it common for adult humans to suffer for weeks or months with fungus infections underneath their shoes or pants, but rare for adult humans to develop fungus infections anywhere else?

Next question: Why was it common, a hundred years ago, for adult humans to have fungus infections everywhere, especially underneath the hats they wore everywhere?

Answer: Because fungus infections, and some bacterial infections, die when exposed to light and air. Clean, dry, well-lighted homes are as essential to human health as a balanced diet is. Humans can also develop internal fungus or yeast infections that sap our resistance to virus and bacteria, so regular baths and frequently changed, loose-fitting, natural-fibre clothing may do more to prevent "colds" than Vitamin C.

You already knew this; by now everybody has probably read something by Dr. William Crook. I mention it because I want to keep this web site well lighted and well aired.

Hello, Russian readers. Yesterday youall outnumbered my American readers. So far none of you has tried to contact me, but you're welcome to do so. This week this site has also had numerous visitors from the Ukraine, Germany, The Netherlands, Canada, the United Kingdom, Sweden, France, and Indonesia. Hmm...where have last week's Australian readers, or previous weeks' Israeli readers, got to? Many of you are occasional visitors, perhaps one-time visitors. Several of you stumble across this site while Googling something you may or may not actually find here; once in a while the Google searches that lead people to this site even inspire me to post something. I'm reasonably sure that some readers in Canada and the U.K. qualify as e-friends. The rest of you are e-strangers but you're welcome to identify yourselves.

Hello, readers from the government of the U.S. and Virginia. If the computer didn't tell me youall were here, yesterday Jim Babka e-mailed a reminder. There's an actual act of Congress, which seems nice on the surface but is technically unconstitutional, providing funds for federal agents to spy on all communication between U.S. citizens and foreigners. Why spy? This web site has nothing to hide. I wish I could read every e-mail I get. Yahoo's spam blocker has done an excellent job blocking communication from lousy creeps, but if you want to volunteer to read the backlog of my e-mail and tell me what really deserves to be linked or posted here, you may!

Hello, my actual e-friends, in and out of the U.S. Hello, people who are searching for more information about obscure books and writers, more phenology and nature pictures, more gluten-free recipes, and more mentions of your town, store, or product. Youall are the groups for whom I usually write, bearing in mind that these other groups are here too. You're especially welcome.

Years ago, the retired blogger known as Ozarque discussed the way some bloggers seem to think of their blogs as a virtual version of their homes--only close friends are welcome to read or comment, and they may actually conceal their blogs from other people. (They think that this will keep evildoers from seeing the changes of address and other personal communication they want to share with their friends and relatives. They are wrong. It will keep me from seeing that kind of thing, but it won't keep hackers, including terrorists, from reading every word.)

Ozarque, welcoming comments from readers of her books who'd discovered her blog, said that she thought of her blog as a virtual version of the common room at a university. Anyone who had a reasonably polite and intelligent comment or question was welcome to join the conversation, no questions asked, no introductions needed.

I think of my blog as a virtual version of a small-town store. I'm always conscious of money, but I'm also conscious of quality, reputation, and the need to offer something that's both worthwhile and different from everything else on the market. I wouldn't try to compete with Wal-Mart in a booth or a store, and I'm not going to try to compete with all those left-wing Christian-phobic blogs that get all the funding from George Soros and his ilk, online, either. But anyway this web site is open to the public. Everyone who can behave civilly, e.g. not trying to rip me off (trying to post ads as comments without paying for ads) or brawling with other shoppers (posting hatespews), is welcome to read, discuss, and contribute.

So now you all know where you are, in cyberspace. You are in a slow-paced, quiet, small-town store where people are welcome to hang out, chat, read the front page of the newspaper, and even play board games, as long as some people are also buying stuff. And now you know which of your other neighbors are in the store. Be neighborly! Get to know one another! If you're here with good intentions, become friends--and if you're not, expose your intentions so we know whom to ban.

I don't like espionage. I don't like warrantless wiretapping. I like the U.S. Constitution. Let's all uphold it, please. U.S. citizens have the right and the duty to tell our government how to defend our interests, and that seems to be what a thunderous majority of readers want this web site to do. So we want government officials to read and contribute to this site. We want lots of contact to be made...and we want this contact to have the healing benefits of light and air.

Please use the comment space or, if it's not working for you, e-mail salolianigodagewi@yahoo.com, to communicate with me and with one another. Please help keep fungus from growing among us.