Friday, December 14, 2012

Update: Thank You, Jeff at Compuworld

Since I posted a plea for a free or cheap laptop with a floppy drive the last time I was here, Gentle Readers, I need to mention that Jeff at Compuworld in Kingsport/Colonial Heights, Tennessee, has made an offer that would sound too good for me to believe it if it weren't coming from Compuworld. These guys can find just about anything, and make it work. I have them to thank for the longevity of the computers in my home.

After Christmas Day, the quality of this web site should reflect the quality of Jeff's bargain find. Now his reputation is riding on this laptop computer...but I think it just may be a prize.

Cornerstone Communications still exists, and will still accept any other used and usable computers, parts, or add-ons anybody out there wants to donate. All computers are destined to become toxic waste some day but we want to get as much use out of as many of them for as long as possible.

We still have no way of photographing the Trailer Park Cats, if and when they arrive at the Cat Sanctuary or at other foster homes. Seriously, there is a solid possibility that all of them will be able to go directly to permanent homes, or at least homes whose humans intend to make them permanent homes for these cats. If so, this web site will officially be delighted, and we'll continue to use any digital cameras donated to improve the quality of phenology posts, the number of craft posts, the value of advertorial posts, and the chances of adoption for any other homeless cats we meet.

If you're shopping for computers, parts, or service on the Virginia-Tennessee border, here's the link to Compuworld's Google+ page: