Monday, December 17, 2012

Vantage Press: Gone for Good?

Vantage Press was one of the old traditional "subsidy publishers" who'd print and bind anything anybody wanted to call a book. As Jim Macdonald observes, their primary market was their own authors...

As we've observed before...a "vanity press" is not all bad. Some things do need and deserve to be printed as limited-edition "books." Yearbooks, cookbooks, and group reminiscences will be lovingly preserved by 50 to 500 people but will probably not interest more than that number, so a hardcover print-on-demand "publisher" is appropriate. So no doubt, if Vantage is really gone, it will be replaced.

Too bad for the few who had used Vantage to publish actual books that people outside their family were buying, and were expecting some payments from Vantage.