Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Will Buy or Rent Old Laptop

Gentle Readers, Scott County currently has a total of twelve public access computers for the entire county. The computer center to which I have access is usually crowded these days. Strict time limits are being enforced.

Local lurkers would probably enjoy reading about the local character who promised to expand Priscilla's Bookstore into a real physical store, with shelves of used and new books, computer carrels, phones and phone cards and other wonderful things, and how the person on whom he was planning to rely for funding got cancer, and how on one memorable day he was so upset that he blurted out "I've got cancer" in public...I respect my neighbors' privacy, even when their frailties annoy me. Other people are also involved in the nonprofit venture to be known as Cornerstone Communications; they also have frailties. If you'd like to be part of this venture, your ideas and money are welcome, and upon receipt of both I will disclose the identities of the other people involved.

Meanwhile, I don't want to rely again on using someone's computer in their home, only to be told in the middle of the "Bill-Reading Marathon" that some family member needs the computer or whatever else may come up. I can't do the bill reading marathon from the computer center. In order to enjoy kibitzing on the Virginia General Assembly with me this winter, some Gentle Reader is going to have to contribute a laptop computer with a modem. I won't be able to use the modem at home, but I can schlep it from one public access site to another.

If by some miracle somebody out there has a laptop computer with a working modem, and Microsoft Word, and a floppy disk drive, I will pay you actual money for this treasure. That would allow me to download all the bills into Word, read them and comment on them at home, and also keep up with the e-mails and links and wonderful stuff youall send in the e-mail. Blogger's Bliss! I'd even be willing to rent the computer just for the winter months (preferably starting in December to allow a head start on bill reading, but I can wait till after exams).

I won't pay cash for a computer that doesn't meet these criteria, but I will physically kiss your hand and post something supportive of any cause or business of your choice, if you donate one. Also, Cornerstone Communications will be 501(c)(3); if you need a tax write-off after we're registered that way, I'll be glad to borrow the computer until we can give you a usable receipt, return it, and accept it as a donation when the donation will be useful to you.

Meanwhile...remember I mentioned the trailer park cats who are being trapped and sent to adoptive or foster homes, and the need for a camera so readers could see how adorable they are? None of those cats has arrived at the Cat Sanctuary yet, but some of them may; we still need a camera too.