Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Young Man Kills Bear

University student Jonathan Kimble killed a bear, and he's glad:

As Liz Klimas reports, there is some concern about the fact that the bear, too, is obviously young. The position of this web site is that the bear's mother obviously thought it was old enough to take care of itself--if she didn't, the report would be something like "Hunter mauled by bear after mistakenly shooting cub"--and we will not argue with Mama Bear about that.

Overpopulated bears are crowded, hungry bears. Crowded, hungry bears are dangerous bears. Although bear cubs are lovable animals, it's better to read about a human shooting an underage bear than it would be to read about a bear eating an underage human.

We might even add that it's sort of refreshing, in this degenerate age, to learn that a few of our university students still have the ability to kill a bear.