Friday, July 22, 2016

Social Networking 001 for Clueless Conservatives

I'm beginning to feel seriously annoyed with The Heritage Foundation, although I suspect it's really a subcontractor's fault. Here's this web site's top tip for anyone trying to form a positive social network: Don't contract out the job of social networking in your, or your organization's, name to anybody who also does any kind of phone sales activity. Accept the fact that you are not allowed to call some potential allies on the phone. Deal with it.

After receiving one notification that you can't call a person, make sure your next contact with that person is made via whatever means the person does allow you to use, and does not include a request for a phone number.

And, just for credibility purposes...Yahoo's spam filter does not automatically file anything from one of those no-reply "" addresses as spam. It needs a setting that does. If you're not going to reply to e-mails, don't send out e-mails. Repeated e-mails like the one with which has been spamming me, under the name of The Heritage Foundation, merely make your organization seem tacky and obnoxious.

For those who might be confused by a copy of the's the spam that keeps popping up in my in-box:

--- On Sat, 7/16/16, Jessica Anderson wrote:

> From: Jessica Anderson
> Subject: Your Sentinel Status: Pending. . .
> Priscilla,
> With Congress
> preparing to go into recess for 7 weeks, now is the time to
> join your fellow grassroots activists and hold your members
> of Congress accountable while they are back in their
> districts.
> Our records
> indicate that you are a potential key activist but have not
> yet filled out your influence profile for the Heritage
> Action Sentinel Program:
> Sentinel
> Status: PENDING
> Will you make your
> voice heard and join 13,000 fellow conservative
> activists?
> Sign
> up today>>>
> It only takes 3
> minutes. After you complete a short survey, a member of our
> team will work with you to mobilize your time and skills in
> the fight to hold Congress accountable.
> Thank you, and welcome
> to Sentinel Nation.
> Heritage Action for America | 214
> Massachusetts Avenue NE, Suite 400 | Washington, DC
> 20002
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> | Unsubscribe

I took this seriously the first time. I even seriously checked out the link indicated by that ">>>" the second time, to see what was going wrong. This was what popped up:

The Influence Profile for this activist has already been submitted.

Thanks for answering the questions on your Sentinel Influence Profile. We will contact you directly to get you started on the path to being a Sentinel. Be sure to push submit on this page to send us your Influence Profile.
Are you a member of The Heritage Foundation?         Yes


The trouble is that, because is not getting a cell phone number they can use to waste my pricey cell phone minutes, they're not submitting the information to Jessica Anderson, or whatever her/his real name is. They're re-sending the bogus invitation to me.

I'm posting this here because I don't ever want to see any part of this e-mail loop again, and if I do, I'll have to flag The Heritage Foundation as a spammer.