Thursday, September 27, 2018

Greetings--Permanent Payment Explanation

Welcome to the Blog,'Zine, and Bookstore of Priscilla King. The Blog is in the process of conversion to pay-per-view mode; new posts will appear as they are paid for. The Bookstore, and the free-public-information part of the'Zine, continue to appear as they have done in the past. Old posts, and keyword lists for new posts that may not be visible, can be found by using the site-specific search bar on your right. New posts can be seen at Live Journal for $1 and become visible free of charge, in a graphics-friendly format here and a graphics-free format at Live Journal, when they've earned $5.

This web site uses cookies. Google cookies are activated when you visit this site. They work mainly to count how many people in each country are reading each post, and also serve other purposes. More information about Google cookies is available at .

Amazon cookies are embedded in book and other product links, of which almost every post contains at least one. They may be used to remind you of Amazon merchandise when you visit other Amazon Affiliate sites. This site uses Amazon images to show you more about, and help you purchase, specific products cited in posts and articles. Many Amazon Affiliate sites use what the company calls "Native Ads," which remind you of Amazon links that your browser has opened but that you did not use to make a purchase in the past. Although only one "Native Ad" has appeared here, merchandise discussed here is likely to appear in "Native Ads" you see elsewhere.

This web site does not deliberately embed other cookies, big splashy graphics, self-playing audio or visual gimmicks, or anything likely to overload or harm your computer in any way. Working with older and smaller devices is one way we keep it real and filter out links to anything that's not browser-friendly.

This web site does not discriminate according to physical disability or device limitations. Newer devices should be able to convert almost all posts to either a printed copy or an audio file, but users of older devices may order those at the rate of $1 per printout or $5 per audio file.

Payment options currently include, but are not necessarily limited to:

Paid-up subscribers can see all posts at my Live Journal page, with a tiny padlock picture beside the titles of the posts not yet available to the public. Non-paying visitors will see paid posts and a timeline of my Tweets at:

To send payment directly by Paypal, you may use the Paypal button below if it works for you (some browsers will show a working button, some a non-functional button, and some a blank space), or e-mail salolianigodagewi @ yahoo for the correct Paypal address. This web site supports multiple Paypal accounts, so you need to tell Saloli the Message Squirrel whether you want to support the web site or buy something, such as a book, discussed in a post here.

Better yet, send a U.S. postal money order to Boxholder, P.O. Box 322, Gate City, Virginia, 24251-0322.