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This web site understands that there may be reasons why some people want to have blogs hosted by Wordpress. However, Wordpress Does Not Play Well With Others. Most versions of Wordpress have recently been downgraded to a system that positively isnults readers who comment on your blogs. I'm sure this was not your intention--after all some of your blogs are sponsored per comment!--but a webform that demands that people retype their contact information over and over, and then swallows their comments anyway, is not an acceptable webform. If you want comments, you need to make sure you don't allow Akismet on your web site.

There is an alternative. It's called Disqus. It's not perfect, but it's free (apart from putting up from the host site's pleas with you to upgrade to snazzier versions, which your readers probably don't want anyway); it does have a record of playing well with others; and it should be easy to install. In the past Disqus has not been available to Wordpress. Now it is. So there's no more excuse for keeping Akismet. 

If you fail to install Disqus on your Wordpress blog, I will no longer comment. I may still read your blog. I may still post links to your blog. I will not type my name into an Akismet webform, ever again

I'm taking the trouble to post this because I'm sure that, even as I type, a dozen other readers have had Akismet eat their comments and decided just to stop reading your blogs. 

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