Wednesday, March 26, 2014

How Many Times a Day Do You Eat?

(Reclaimed from Bubblews.)

Some diet books suggest that everyone should eat three, five, or even seven micro-meals per day. They call it grazing and say it tends to boost your metabolism, especially if the micro-meals consist of non-fattening foods.

I've never had much luck with this. The non-fattening nibbles weren't very satisfying, and if I had anything else at all to do I didn't want to keep interrupting what I was doing to get up and fix another snack. Seven peanuts on a celery stick? Who goes to the kitchen just for that?

I think these diet books were written in aid of otherwise unemployed personal chefs, who want to be paid just to hang out in people's kitchens preparing all these micro-meals. (The chefs, like people who work in food factories, are probably bored to the point of pain by the things they cook all day, so maybe they don't get fat either. I hope not.)

While married my husband and I used to try to manage three meals a day, but most days we actually ate just two.

Now that I usually cook alone, I usually eat one real meal per day, and if I think about it I might squeeze in a snack--probably a piece of fruit, bag of chips, or handful of nuts, but nothing that requires time and forethought.

How often do you eat?

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