Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Dandelions Really Do Cure (Most) Warts

Yes, I know that a lot of cheap and easy "wart cures" have been reported, sometimes in good faith, when if they worked it was because warts tend to come and go all by themselves. There are different kinds of warts, caused by different viruses. Skin tags, hematomas, plantar warts, and the unmentionable kinds of warts associated with cancer, are caused by different viruses than ordinary warts. If a patient still harbors the virus, warts will probably come back even after being surgically removed. So it's good not to have too much faith in the power of dandelion juice to remove warts.

That said: I've removed several skin warts from several people with dandelion juice. (Not hematomas, though. I've seen hematomas shrink slightly, and temporarily, after this treatment had been repeated for a week. I've not seen a hematoma disappear completely without surgery.) Some people's warts came back later that summer; some people remained wart-free for years. 

Find a long-stemmed dandelion blossom, preferably on someone's lawn where it's not wanted, preferably when it has gone or is about to go to seed. Pick it near its base. Rinse the stem with water if you're concerned about contamination. Crush the stem between your finger and the wart. Rub the plant juices into the wart, then repeat further up the stem. Avoid scratching or squeezing the skin; let the astringent substances in the plant juice do all the work. If you are the owner of the wart you may, or may not, notice a very faint, not painful, sort of tingling. Some kinds of warty growths will pop off right away, some will flake off within a few hours, and plantar warts (on the sole of the foot) may not respond until this treatment has been repeated two or three times. 

Even if it doesn't work, this treatment is safe and free of charge; somebody may even thank you for using up the dandelion.

(Edit: Finding this Morguefile photo reminded me that there's more than one species in the dandelion family. In the U.S. "dandelion" always means Taraxacum officinale. I have no idea what medicinal value other flower species in this family might have.)

Have you used this or some other traditional "cure" for skin warts? What were the results?