Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Why I Will Never Consider Using American Express

(Reclaimed from Bubblews. Probably it belonged on this unsponsored site anyway.)

I'm sure everyone else who uses Bubblews has seen that stupid cartoon video that uses up several minutes of computer time, which is not free time for a lot of us, replaying the image of the shopper using the American Express card.

Right. I've seen it already. It's one thing if American Express is a sponsor that's paid Bubblews to show that video...once. Twice is not helping. Twice is harassment. Twice is interference with my work.

Remember, sponsors, you don't sell me products by annoying me. You turn me against products, possibly forever, by annoying me.

So, you do not want the Captcha system to display a gimmicky, time-wasting video. If it displays a word or two, fine. But no video. I don't have time to watch a stupid image wiggle around on the screen. Life does not contain that much time. I know I spend enough time staring at computer screens that I probably already have cataracts; I don't want one single second of that time wasted on watching computer videos.

I don't use credit cards. I don't recommend that others use credit cards. But now I have a particular reason to urge people I know especially not to use American Express.